How to buy CRL Tokens during the ICO


Please be advised that this document is a guide to assist you in taking part in the Cryptelo Token Sale which exchanges ethereum into our CRL, ERC20 token. We advise that you carry out your own research and do not rely solely on the information we have provided here, or in any other documentation we have created relating to our Token Sale. Buyers using MyEtherWallet to purchase the CRL Token do so at their own risk.

Step 1: Get yourself a non-exchange wallet

In order to contribute to ICO’s and hold your own ERC 20 tokens you need to have a wallet that is generated outside of the exchange. Exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase, etc control your keys and they do not provide support for ERC20, therefore you need to get your own wallet if you already haven’t. You can generate one easily using MyEtherWallet or Metamask. Here are some extra resources if you run into trouble:

At the end of this step you should have a wallet that is generated by either of the tools above and you should fund that wallet will the ether you are wanting to donate to the ICO. Only ether sent from your generated wallet can be exchanged into CRL. If you send directly from the exchange, there is a high chance you will lose your funds and we will not be able to help.

Step 2: Get whitelisted

In case you haven’t whitelisted for the presale then you need to whitelist before you can donate to Cryptelo ICO. If you have already whitelisted your address for pre-sale then you are good to skip this step. To whitelist head over to:

Check if the boxes apply to you and then confirm them:

Once that screen is through Cryptelo will perform KYC procedure and ask for your details in order to comply with different regulation. Please provide your: Name, Residential Address, Date of birth, Email and Ethereum address as in the picture example below:

At this point make sure to double check your ethereum wallet address, there you need to place your address that you have generated in step 1. This only white lists that particular address and if you send ether from any other address it is not going to work.Once you have submitted for whitelisting you will get a confirmation screen and a confirmation email that tells you that the process has began. It should take a few hours until your address is whitelisted, until then you can only wait and there are no other actions to be taken.

Step 3: Get yourself a non-exchange wallet

If you have created a wallet and whitelisted yourself successfully, now you are ready to donate to the Public Sale. To verify for sure that you have been whitelisted you should have received an email that looks like this and that has your wallet on it:

To get smart contract address visit the Public Sale page and use the box to check if you have been successfully whitelisted:

You will see the screen says that you are whitelisted. It shows also ETH address of our smart contract:

Which means that your address is whitelisted and if you contribute into the ICO you will receive CRL tokens back. After being whitelisted, make sure to copy the address displayed above on the same page that has the contract address. Please make sure to only look for this address on the webpage with the url:

Anyone sharing a contract address in telegram, email or elsewhere should be ignored and is a scammer. Continue by copying the address presented in the screen above.

And you are free to contribute to this address now. One more final note please make sure to set up the gas limit to 200,000 since that is how much gas it takes to execute the contract. The settings can be adjusted as seen below in the screen in metamask (MyEtherWallet also allow to set gas limit):