Token sale is over. What's next for Cryptelo?

Cryptelo ICO has ended and we would like to thank everyone who participated in the token sale or supported us in any manner along the way. Thanks to you we have been able to continue with the hard work of delivering you the best data security tools. Now is the time to bring you an update of what is ahead of us:

Distribution of Cryptelo (CRL) tokens

1) Pre-sale and public sale tokens
CRL tokens bought during the pre-sale or the public sale have already been distributed. If you do not see them in your wallet, watch video tutorial which will guide you through the process of adding them manually.

2) Pre-sale bonus tokens
Everyone who bought CRL tokens during the pre-sale period is guaranteed a 100% bonus. These bonus tokens will be distributed a year from the day of the purchase.

3) Public sale bonus tokens
Bonus tokens for public sale buyers have already been distributed.

4) Bounty program tokens
You can view all the bonus points earned during the bounty program (you have to sign in). Points will be calculated and the Bounty Pool will be split amongst the users by the 1st of October. After that there will be a review of all the accounts and an evaluation of all the remaining claims, so we can make sure we exclude all the potential bots and spammers from the program. That is why tokens will be distributed to their owners a month later (1st of November).

5) Unsold tokens
All the unsold pre-sale and public sale tokens will be burned.

Bringing new tractions

We are currently working on providing a Cryptelo business solution. It is a modified version of our file transfer tool that fits the individual needs of our clients mainly from the financial sector. We already have three major customers from the banking and insurance industries in our pipeline. Stay tuned to get exciting news about Cryptelo technology implementation soon.


Cryptelo on Forbes NEXT Big Thing Conference

Cryptelo's CEO, Martin Baroš, was invited to the Forbes NEXT Big Thing Conference taking place in Prague on the 20th of September. Martin Baroš, along with another cybersecurity expert, Michal Špaček, the Commercial Director of Virgin Galactic, Stephen Attenborough, the Creative Director of Space10, Kaave Pour, and many others, will talk about cybersecurity, future technologies and businesses. If you want to know what life is going to look like in 100 years according to some extraordinary local and foreign experts, do not hesitate to buy yourself a ticket (CZ website).

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