Cryptelo Q3 2018 Report

Dear Cryptelo supporters,

The time for the next quartal report has come. We will sum up all the fundamental moments that happened from July to September and as a special bonus we are also going to reveal a few info about last month. Ready?

1) Next big step is done: CRL listed on IDEX

We had completed listing on exchange. If you do not have experience with IDEX feel free to check more info about trading and registering in our previous blog post.
We also calculated bounty tokens and bounty supporters will receive their tokens on the 8th of December.

2) Building a strong network and new opportunities

In September Cryptelo's CEO Martin Baroš was invited to premium Forbes Next Big Thing 2.0 conference about future to join a panel discussion regarding cybersecurity. The event was devoted to the trendiest technologies and their impact on our lives and hosted extraordinary experts from all tech areas. If you want to know more information read our event report.

Especially last month was busy therefore we decided to share some news with you:

International XV. IT Governance conference was held during last month. This year's topic was Blockchain & Security Trends - our CEO was an invited speaker and talked about the future of security by encryption. Cryptelo Platform was also discussed and we received great feedback to our work - it’s even more valuable because the audience of the conference is compounded from security managers and international experts. It’s great to hear from people who fight daily with security threads that our technology will help them to make their work easier and let them sleep better.

Cryptelo was invited to PwC Demo day to present Cryptelo Platform technology and discuss the future of blockchain solutions. This event was held at the Czech Republic PwC headquarters in Prague and resulted in a fruitful discussion about new security solutions and their application to consultancy and related areas. It was our honor to get a diploma for our contributions and we are looking forward to future collaboration.


Thanks to global potentiation of the technology, Cryptelo was selected by the Visegrad Fund and Israel state to participate in pilot V4 Innovators Training Program in Israel during December 2018. We look forward to meeting influential investors and successful Israeli entrepreneurs. Stay tuned - we will share more details in the next Q4 report.

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Martin Baroš

Martin Baroš

Co-founder & CEO at Cryptelo by profession, cyber-security enthusiast at heart, and a believer in a better world. He welcomes challenges and doesn’t like to give up.

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