Introducing Cryptelo: The safest drag & drop file transfer

Do you remember the last time you needed to send a scan of your ID, payment card information or any sensitive data? Were you afraid about safety? That's why we have developed Cryptelo, the brand-new, safest and fastest document transfer with end-to-end encryption.

Our new Cryptelo is a "top-secret" security level web application which allows you to send files directly from your browser. With Cryptelo, you don't have to be worried about sending sensitive data anymore. It's fast, simple and safe.

How does it work?

  1. simply upload your file(s)
  2. lock it with a password
  3. send it within a few seconds

No one can access your data without a password - not us as the providers, nor anybody else.

Try out our Cryptelo for free ->

Martin Baroš

Martin Baroš

Co-founder & CEO at Cryptelo by profession, cyber-security enthusiast at heart, and a believer in a better world. He welcomes challenges and doesn’t like to give up.

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