5 good reasons for Cryptelo

With most information being created digitally these days, cybersecurity has become a significant topic. According to the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report for 2018, cyberattacks are currently the third likeliest risk in society. Most people need to digitally send a scan of their ID, payment card information or some other sensitive data from time to time. To avoid the risk of your information being misused we have developed Cryptelo, the safest drag&drop transfer with end-to-end encryption. Here are 5 good reasons to send files with Cryptelo.

Safer than safe

Cryptelo is the safest document transfer available for anyone, providing encryption standards held at the level of security services. Cryptelo combines advanced encryption standards (ALS-256) and elliptic curve cryptography (EC-P384). It would take longer than the sun’s lifetime to break through Cryptelo encryption.

Zero knowledge

Files are encrypted immediately in your browser which means no one can see your data without a password. Not we as the providers, nor anybody else. Only you and your receiver have access to the data you send.

Easy to use

Cryptelo is super easy to use. Just upload the file, lock it with a password and send. There are two options for sending the automatically generated link. You can either copy the link and send it via any channel or send the link via our built-in tool. After you upload and lock the shipment, you can fill in your email address and the email address of the receiver and we will automatically send the link to you both.

Protect your business

According to the “Ponemon 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study,” the average breach costs $3.62 million. There is plenty of sensitive information circulating inside your company:

  • Clients' and employees' personal data
  • Information about services offered to VIP clients
  • Sensitive business information such as plans to introduce a new product to market
  • Information about agents, partners and terms of collaboration
  • Internal financial information

The risk is high and the potential damage to the affected company would be critical financial loss, customer loss, damage to its reputation, or lost market shares. Use Cryptelo for free and protect your data along the way.

Faster than Bolt

Files are encrypted on your computer and are uploaded to our zero-knowledge servers as an unreadable chunk of numbers. When someone downloads the data, it comes to their device also as an unreadable chunk of numbers. Files are decrypted in the device after using the correct password. All of this is done within a few seconds.

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